Calling all speakers, coaches and workshop facilitators

Do you dream of being a writer but don’t know where to start? Do you long for a job where you can skip the morning commute, put in the hours you want, or work in your pajamas all day?

Or maybe you love to travel and need a way to pay for your nomadic habits? Or perhaps you’re a speaker with a desire to reach a wider audience? Or maybe you already write “on the side” but are looking for a way to ditch your nine-to-five job and write full-time?

Or maybe, just maybe, you want to spend your time doing something that matters; something that inspires you to get out of bed in the morning? Something that will finally quiet that little voice within that beckons you to put thoughts into words, words onto paper.

Being a freelance writer can give you all of this. It can provide the freedom you’re longing for, an income limited only by how much time you want to put into it, and work that seems more like play. And for speakers, coaches and workshop facilitators, writing not only offers another stream of income through magazine articles and “back-of-the-room” book sales, it also adds credibility. You’ll be perceived as an expert in your field, which could lead to greater opportunities. And even more importantly, it will help you build the holy grail of the publishing world—a platform.

But the best part—you can do it from anywhere in the world. Whether from home with your children playing nearby, or from an Italian café while drinking Limoncello—all you need is a laptop and an Internet connection. That’s it.

Well … that and a belief that it’s never too late to be what you wanted to be when you grew up.

When life gives you lemons, drink Limoncello

Somewhere along the way in my quest to be an adult, I got stuck. I was afraid to follow my childhood dream of an artistic life and settled instead for a life as drab as the walls that surrounded me day after day, year after year, in my accounting job. Then, the worst happened.

Or seemingly.

The fall-out of a car accident tore through my life like a tornado, uprooting every aspect that wasn’t authentic, and surprisingly … lovingly … provided the key to my happiness.

Injured and forced to find work I could do from the comfort of my couch, I scrambled to find a way to support myself. And when all my safe, go-to choices were out of reach, I took the only choice left.

The choice that had been dancing around in the cobwebs of my mind for decades. The choice that refused to die, despite my DNR missive. The only choice I’d been afraid to follow: To leave my nine-to-five comatose-inducing existence for a creative life. A soul-full life.

A life on my terms.

So after a few years of a pity party with a guest list of one, I answered an ad. And at the age of 42, my life went from cubicle gray, to Technicolor.

I had no training in writing; I had never even written anything before when I responded to a call for stories about favorite Halloween costumes for my provincial newspaper. Yet my story was chosen as the best, and published. Flash-forward 15 years and I’m a full-time writer who snowbirds in sunny San Diego, writing in my pjs with the Pacific at my door. And, yes, sometimes even a mug of Limoncello nearby.

And it was so easy. Because what I didn’t know then that I know now, is that’s what it feels like when you follow your passions. Easy.

I grew up believing the opposite. That it was hard; that you couldn’t make a living as a writer or an artist. That I’d have to make a choice between expressing my soul, my bliss, and well…eating. But I eventually chose to replace those beliefs with a few new ones.


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This article first appeared in The Empowerment Manual (Visionary Insight Press, 2015). To learn my new beliefs that helped me support myself as a full-time writer, read Part Two of Write. Share. Transform. — Three Key Beliefs to Being a Successful Writer 


At 42, Wendy went from a nine-to-five cubicle-gray existence in accounting to living in Technicolor as a writer—without ever having written anything before. Sixteen years later, Wendy has published over 200 articles and authored or co-authored several books and is passionate about helping fledgling writers, coaches, workshops facilitators and speakers find and share their voices. To help you follow your writing whispers within, get a copy of her free booklet, Write for Profit & Bliss: Get Paid for your Writing Now!

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