We all have fears.  Fear of flying, fear of heights, fear of falling, fear of speaking on stage, fear of _______.   You name it, somebody has it.

While all these fears are quite normal and common I want to bring to light what I feel your biggest fears should be:

The fear of playing too small.  The fear of not living your dreams.  The fear of compromising yourself and your life.  The fear of betraying yourself.   The fear of letting the music inside of you die.

We all have unique and brilliant music inside of us and the world is waiting for us to play it.  Your music that you hold within will usually be out of some sort of trauma, or struggle in your life.  This is most often why so many people don’t see the brilliance in this.  Your struggles, trauma, challenges in life are designed for you to overcome and those, in turn, are the light that you so desperately want to shine.

Choose to rise above the challenges, ask for help and decide to empower yourself to overcome them.  Know that they are there to be a teacher for you.

When you make a choice in your life to change or better some area know that there is a part of you that will rationalize why you cannot make that change.

It costs too much, I don’t have enough time, I’m fine and I don’t really need that, I can do it by myself, I’ll never change anyway so why try, etc.

There is a part of your brain that that will keep you where you are. Stuck. Unable to move. Because it’s safe. Even though you are miserable you are safe and you know what to expect. Like a dog, you will return to your own vomit.

The greatest fear of human beings is the feeling of not having control, however, the happiest human beings are the ones who have released that need and can allow for the uncertainty of what’s to come.

The people who change in life, the people who really make a difference and the people who are change makers are willing to take a chance on uncertainty.

You know why? Cause it beats the hell out of where they currently are and they’ve decided that the excuses are over. It’s too painful to stay where they are then to welcome the uncertainty they will encounter.

If you feel stuck, if you feel bound and unable to move ask yourself what part of yourself, your belief system are you unwilling to release?

Embracing uncertainty is all about trust. Do you have faith? Do you believe in a higher power? If so, then take action and trust….or it means nothing.

The greatest fear you should embrace is the fear of not becoming your greatest version of yourself.

Don’t die with the music still inside you.~Wayne Dyer

Erin Esser is a Master Coach and has developed individual programs that help to awaken the deep and sacred place inside each woman that is ready to step into her greatness. Erin is also a podcast co-host with Jessica McGratty on Your Sacred Witness, a podcast designed around helping others see, live and walk out their truth. Your Sacred Witness holds events online and in person that centers around truth topics and empowering people to live more authentically. You can find Your Sacred Witness on iTunes and Soundcloud. Erin is also Reiki Master and Teacher and certified in EFT. She is also an international best selling author and she uses her writing and speaking abilities to inspire others to their own greatness.

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